Our suggestions for the Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 soundtrack

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We’re big fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and the soundtracks are a huge part of that. James Gunn went so far as to select the songs before filming and even playing the music for the actors before the scene so they would understand the feel he was looking for. The songs have been a nice mix of 70’s AM pop, rock, R&B and disco. Nothing too obscure or even all that unique. Songs like Spirit in the Sky, Hooked on a Feeling and Mr. Blue Sky have appeared in many movies but they’re such great, catchy tunes that they add to the fun.

Guardians 3 is no doubt still in the planning stages, so with that in mind we here at Cheese Magnet would like to suggest seven classic songs that would fit right in.

Hush – Deep Purple
This classic hard rock song was recorded by Deep Purple in 1968, and is actually a cover originally recorded by Billy Joe Royal. The driving rhythm, chugging organ and rocking guitar all give a feeling of power and majesty that would fit perfectly for the opening fly-by as the gang pursues some evil-doers through space.

Rock Me Gently – Andy Kim
We’re going to need an upbeat love song in the vein of Come And Get Your Love, and Brandy. Rock Me Gently is perfect, with Andy Kim doing his best Neil Diamond soundalike. Trigger warning: this video features Kim in full 70’s regalia, with big hair, open shirt, gold chain, chest hair and severe male camel toe. View at your own risk.

Boogie Down – Eddie Kendricks
We need a real old school banger for a light-hearted scene in a space dance club or something, and there’s nothing funkier than Boogie Down.

20th Century Boy – T Rex
Every Guardians movie has that slow motion hero shot of the team walking out to stir up trouble. Cherry Bomb was perfect in the first movie. This one is a little on the nose but I’m going to suggest 20th Century Boy, with one of the all time great guitar riffs.

Rasputin – Boney M
Yondu and Rocket’s gleeful murder spree in Guardians 2 was set to Come a Little Bit Closer by Jay & The Americans, a remarkably upbeat song for a death rampage. I propose we use Rasputin for a similar scene in Guardians 3. Gunn hasn’t used an out and out disco song yet, except for Guardians Inferno over the closing credits of 2. I’ve read that song was inspired by the disco version of the Star Wars theme but to my ear it sounds a lot closer to Rasputin, so why not use the real thing?

Hey Jude – Wilson Pickett
There will undoubtedly be a sad or pensive moment in Guardians 3, something that leads to an emotional uplift and for that I nominate the legendary Wilson Pickett doing Hey Jude, with a then-unknown Duane Allman on lead guitar. This was the track that got Allman noticed by Eric Clapton and many say was the first Southern Rock song.

Slow Ride – Foghat
This has to be the end credits song. It’s over 8 minutes long, plenty of time for the long credits roll and the various Easter egg scenes that will no doubt be dropped in. Plus it’s triumphantly bad ass.

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