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One of my favorite sexploitation movies is The Cheerleaders (1973) — not only does it deliver the goods in terms of great cheesy dialogue, tons of nudity, and hot ’70s foxes in skimpy cheerleader outfits, it also pays off big time by bringing us the one-and-only movie appearance (as far as anyone knows) of a saucy young thang who went by the name of “Stephanie Fondue.”

Ms. Fondue is an unbelievably scrumptious little muffin of cute — not much of an actress, sure, but perfectly cast as Jeannie (misspelled on her uniform as “Jennie”), the wanna-be cheerleader, desperate to rid herself of her virginity (and always willing to rid herself of her clothes).

Sadly, there isn’t much to say about Stephanie Fondue aside from the obvious — as far as anyone knows, she never appeared in another movie and nobody seems to know where she is today. The trailer below leans toward NSFW and by no means does it do justice to the movie — seriously, there are lines in this flick I quote all the time, and it’s worth a rental just to watch Stephanie trying to imitate the more experienced cheerleaders and completely screwing up their sexy come-ons. I’ll try to do a proper review soon, but for now, we here at Cheese Magnet salute the cheesily-named Stephanie Fondue.

The Cheerleaders is available on DVD from Amazon. It’s an unrestored print, so the colors are kind of muted and it isn’t as sharp as a modern movie but that just adds to the 70’s charm as far as I’m concerned. There’s a commentary track from the writer and director, as well as the theatrical trailer and promotional spots. This is a hard one to find on streaming so it’s definitely one for the collection.

Amazon link: The Cheerleaders DVD

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