Classic Rock Sunday: KISS

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Recently, a 1978 KISS pinball machine — long the Holy Grail of my KISS-tardation — came into my possession. Now, see, I’m a huge KISS fan and always have been; if you asked me what three things were most responsible for me becoming the — ahem — man I am today, I’d have to say Star Trek (Original Series, natch), Famous Monsters Magazine, and KISS. You could throw the original Night of the Living Dead in there, too.

So this time around, I’m gonna serve up a helping of KISS videos and stay out of the way.

Here’s “Firehouse” from Cobo Hall in Detroit, circa 1977:

This clip features some classic Paul Stanley stage patter:

We’re leanin’ heavy on the Detroit clips, but here’s a great one of “Strutter,” also from the Motor City:

Here’s “Black Diamond” from The Midnight Special, Peter Criss on lead vocal:

Here’s Ace Frehley on lead vocals with “New York Groove”:

And I can’t leave you hangin’ without “Beth,” also featuring lead vocals by Peter:

Here’s a little bonus Ace, from his 2009 solo album Anomaly, with a freakin’ monster that should’ve been a huge hit — “Outer Space”:

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