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We take our final look at WEIRD TALES this month with an over-view of the 1940s.

The ’40s bought a boatload of new writers and new artists to the old mag, although some old favorites, like the indefatigable Seabury Quinn, continued to appear.  WT was a bimonthly throughout the decade (in fact, until the final issue, which was dated Sept. 1954).  But, fear not, “the magazine that wouldn’t die,” didn’t.  It was revived in 1973-4 by Sam Moskowitz for a 4 issue run, then by Lin Carter as a paperback ‘zine published by Zebra in 1981-2 (another four issues).  There were a couple of years of confusion and litigation (Forrest Ackermann tried to gain the rights for the name, but lost out) and two (very scarce issues) were published in the mid-1980s (one in 1984, the other in 1985).  George Scithers and Darrell Schweitzer gained control of the title in 1988, and, despite changing editors and publishers several times since then, it is still being published today.  Check it out.

As you’ll see, the ‘forties’ covers were short on distressed damsels, but heavy on actual weird and bizarre imagery.  You will also notice some famous names in heavy rotation, particularly Quinn (of course), Ray Bradbury, Robert Bloch, August Derleth, Henry Kuttner, and a score of other pulp legends.  Note one Clark Ashton Smith appearance.

Mar. 1940:  Hannes Bok (7 covers in 1940/1941)

 May 1940.  Another Bok.

September 1940.  Ray Quigley

Jan. 1941. Harold De Lay

July 1941.  More Bok.

Nov. 1941.  Bok, again.

Jan. 1943.  A. R. Tilbourne (10 covers, 1938-1947)

Nov. 1943.  More Tilburne.

Sept. 1944.  Tilburne, for a great Robert Bloch story. Weird enough for ya?

May 1947.  Matt Fox (11 covers from 1944 to 1950).

Sept. 1947.  Boris Dolgov (5 covers, 1946-1950).  For Clark Ashton Smith.

July 1949.  Fox again.

Nov. 1949.  Matt Fox, to close the 1940s.

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