Cool Actor of the Week Follow-Up: Caroline Munro Returns!

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One of the most popular posts we’ve ever done here at Cheese Magnet was our Cool Actor of the Week feature on the lovely Caroline Munro. ScottD suggested a follow-up, and I thought it might be cool to scan all my old “Unofficial Fans of Caroline Munro Fan Club” newsletters, along with some of the photos in my collection.

The fan club stuff dates from 1978 – 1980. Click on the images to get bigger versions so you can read ’em (same goes for the photos). I’ll try to let the pictures do the talking unless I have a comment to include.

Here’s the first issue of the newsletter — although it may have been a brochure sent out as part of the membership packet rather than an actual issue of the newsletter, now that I think about it:

Page One

Page Two

Page Three

Page Four

Here’s the May/June 1979 newsletter:

Page the First.

And page two.

Imagine my disappointment when I received the November 1979 mailing, which was only one page…

Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter!

And then the final newsletter I received, laying out some seemingly-unpleasant political machinations behind the scenes…

Stella Star!

I'm pretty sure I owned a shirt just like that.

What -- no photo?

Now THAT'S more like it.

Then we have various stills of Caroline. I bought most of these from the guy who ran the fan club, if I remember right.

Best. Vest. Ever.

Fringe is more than just a cool TV series.

Good Heavens.

See? They don't all have to include cleavage.

But then again, cleavage might be nice.

See previous caption.

This last shot ran in an issue of Starlog Magazine:

That is one brown belly.

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