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Our pick for Cool Actor this week is another fellow who, much like Evel Knievel, doesn’t get a lot of attention for his acting roles. Largely because there were only a couple. But that won’t stop us from giving Ace Frehley the nod this time around.

I’m sure you know Ace as “The Space Ace” from the original lineup of KISS, but take a gander at his acting chops from the classic KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park (1978) — as an actor, Ace is a hell of a guitar player. Here he is with the rest of the band being confronted by security guards who were hoodwinked by evil scientist Abner Devereaux and his Gene Simmons robot:

And here’s Ace questioning “the trip” of Sam, who has been turned into a zombie-like servant by Devereaux:

Later, Ace offers the use of his mental powers to help the band escape Devereaux’s secret lair:

Ace (along with the rest of KISS) also appeared in the Halloween episode of Millennium in 1998, and in the movies Detroit Rock City (1999) and Remedy (2005). We’ll close out this little tribute to the Space Ace with “Outer Space,” a tune from his recent solo album, Anomaly (2009) — this one will rock your frakkin’ socks off, too:

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