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Pulp Cover Friday

Today I’m going all highbrow on you. THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION launched in winter 1949 (as THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY) and is still being published today. MFSF is one of only three sf magazines (along with ASTOUNDING and AMAZING) published throughout the entire decade of the 1950s. It’s known for reprinting stories from unusual non-genre sources and small literary magazines like PLAYBOY, and was arguably the finest sf magazine of the 1950s.

The cover of the June 1951 issue was done by German born-artist George Salter. I knew nothing at all about this guy before today, other than the fact that he did a handful of covers for MFSF (seven from 1950-1952 and a couple more later on), so I wiki’ed him. Turns out that he revolutionized cover design for books, having produced 185 book and about 30 magazine covers during his career. Furthermore, once again reinforcing the notion that you really can’t trust everything you read on line, apparently he “claimed world wide fame for his design for Alfred Doblin’s [book] Berlin Alexanderplatz.” Really?

All his covers are rather surreal, including this one, which also has a touch of creepy to it that makes it really stand out.

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