Classic Rock Sunday – The Easybeats

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The Easybeats were Australia’s answer to The Beatles but they never had quite the impact in the States as the Fab Four. I don’t know what went wrong, they had great songs, a great looks and a phenomenal front man in Stevie Wright. Legend has it that Paul McCartney was driving around the English countryside when Good Times came on the radio and he was so blown away he pulled over and called the BBC to ask them to play the song again, which they did. Here’s The Easybeats distilling pure rock and roll with Good Times:

Their biggest hit was Friday On My Mind, immortalized as every schlocky Top 40 station’s Friday afternoon theme song. they had plenty of other great songs though; my personal favorite is Sorry. I love this clip with the go-go dancers going crazy with the aerobics:

Finally, here’s Little Stevie Wright channeling James Brown (only with more energy, if you can believe that) with some Batman thrown in for good measure:

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