“Like Methadone for Stephen King Addicts.”

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The above quote comes from Richard Mueller, who was kind enough to buy a copy of my book Tales of Misery and Imagination at Bubonicon. The line is so good I wish I could go back in time and make it a cover blurb.

Remember last month’s dorky promise I made in an attempt to promote my collection of movie reviews, Unsafe On Any Screen (available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format, by the way) — where I promised to fight my buddy Don Adams with the Vulcan Lirpa? Well, we never reached those sales goals (but 16 or 17 copies out of 3000 ain’t bad), so this month I’m having another goofy promotion, this time for Tales of Misery and Imagination, a collection of short stories…

If 100 copies of Tales of Misery and Imagination sell by September 30th, I will put one of these hideous creatures in my pants:


There are some who might say that I’m lowering my fantabulous author status to that of a carnival sideshow act, but in today’s world, the struggling writer has to scream to be heard. Or, you know, put a bug in his pants. And then scream, because I guarantee you, I will shriek like a little girl.

So let’s make this happen, folks! 100 copies is nothing! Well, I take that back — it’s a lot to me, but not really a huge number in the grand scheme of things.

Here’s what some folks had to say about Tales of Misery and Imagination:

“With his goofball characters, ear for quirky dialogue, and always-colorful turns of phrase, Scott S. Phillips is like a modern beat writer — tempered with postmodern sensibilities and a generous dash of observational comedy… But that’s just an erudite, flashy way of saying that no one makes me laugh louder or harder than Scott S. Phillips.” – Brian Jay Jones, author of Washington Irving

“Scott’s narrative blasts and rattles down the road, chasing rabbits and stray chickens out of its path, while his dialogue sprays the countryside like full-automatic fire.” – Victor Milan, author of Turn of the Cards: Wild Cards Book 12, from his Introduction

“Triangulate funny, creepy and melancholy, and you’ll find Scott S. Phillips, waiting for a bus.” – Nathan Long, author of The Blackhearts Series

“Oddball, funny, poignant… all descriptions of stories from the delightfully twisted mind of Scott S. Phillips.” – Robert E. Vardeman, author of Burn the Sky

Buy Tales of Misery and Imagination at Amazon.com

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