Crypto-Creature of the Week: BIGFOOT

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I’m not gonna insult your intelligence by explaining who — or what — Bigfoot is (or isn’t, or might be, depending on which side of the fence you’re on — although that’s kind of three sides of the fence, but you know what I mean). If for some embarrassing reason you’re unfamiliar with this particular Crypto-Creature of the Week, then hie thee to Google and search for “Bigfoot,” then start wading through the 37 million results (million!).

The main reason I’m finally posting about the 800-pound-gorilla (so to speak) of Cryptozoology is because I wanted to link to a couple of cool websites, both run by Cliff Barackman. The first is his blog, North American Bigfoot, where Cliff posts about the interesting — and thorough — research he does on the subject.

Cliff’s other site is, where he stores a database of footprint casts, info on the cultural impact of Bigfoot, and a great FAQ. You can also volunteer to help out in the search for the elusive creature.

So get on over there and read up on the recent McKenzie River Case and lots more!

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