Preston Love – Chili Mac

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Recently I was listening to the Franco Micalizzi station at Pandora when something incredibly funky came out of the stereo.  It was the amazing Preston Love getting down with Chili Mac from his Omaha Bar-B-Q album.  Preston Love was an old school sax player who came up in the big band era, playing with Count Basie and many others.  In …

The skeptic buys an iPad

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Back when the iPad first came out Scott and I debated it’s merits. Scott (the artistic one) was bananas for the iPad, he loved that it was a portable media player, book reader and internet device. You could watch Doctor Who in bed! Read comics on the bus! Surf the internet on the bowl! I’m more of a tech nerd …

My Bold New Love For Casper Van Dien

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My guess is, you’re thinking this is gonna be some kind of hipster-douchebag ironic swipe at Mr. Van Dien (and admittedly, the title of this post probably doesn’t do much to dissuade that). However, you couldn’t be any more off the mark. Oh, don’t get me wrong: back in the late 90s I wasn’t exactly on Team Casper, but that …

Alice Cooper’s Big Unit

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I’m heading to Phoenix on Friday, and one of the things Jen and I plan to do is stop by Alice Cooper’s restaurant, Cooperstown, and stuff ourselves full of The Big Unit. I’ll be sure to report back as to the damage done. Meanwhile, enjoy this clip from Man vs. Food…

Name That Movie

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Kick ass movie site Cinema Arcana has a cool feature called Name That Movie Monday.  Each Monday Bruce with Cinema Arcana posts a scanned in still and challenges readers to Name That Movie.  I’m pretty bad at this sort of thing; I’ve seen a lot of movies but I don’t always retain it so well.  Does anyone recognize this dude …

Kamen Writer

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Okay, I know I just did the self-promotion thing last week, but I’m gonna do it again now. Awhile back, I was a staff writer on a kids’ TV series called Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, which aired on the CW Network. It’s a 40-episode story arc (I wrote 11 or 12 episodes — I can never remember for sure) and …

Abbey Road Webcam

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All right, this is pretty entertaining — Abbey Road Studios has a webcam aimed at the famous crosswalk. I just sat here for fifteen minutes watching people attempt to Beatle it up while cars honk at them. I can’t figure out how to embed it, so check it out here:

The Sentinel – Braless Model vs. Hell Itself

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Somehow I’ve managed to avoid seeing The Sentinel (1977) for the past 33 years, mostly because horror fans seem to pooh-pooh the flick. I finally watched it last night and I thought it was a flat-out good time. Christina Raines plays a fashion model who scurries around without a bra most of the time (and when she does wear one, …

Franco Micalizzi – Soundtrack bad ass

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The Italian film industry cranked out an astounding number of kickass movies during the 1960s and 70s: spaghetti westerns, giallo horror, brutally violent crime films.  One thing they all had in common was the terrific soundtrack work.  Most people are familiar with Ennio Morricone but there were several other great composers working in Italian film at the time: Riz Ortolani, …

Nazis Got Saucers!

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I’m a pretty big UFO buff — I don’t know that you could necessarily call me a believer, but I’d sure like to see something unexplainable in the sky (I mean, besides that cloud that looked like Lady Gaga). Recently, just from rooting around online in the middle of the night, I’ve become obsessed with the whole Nazi Flying Saucer …

Tales of Misery and Imagination.

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While we’re busy getting Cheese Magnet up and running, I figured I might as well take a moment to self-promote: We Cheese Magnet writers are well-versed in the ways of ramen noodles, but sometimes we like to throw in a few Vienna Sausages. If you head over to and buy yourself a copy of my short story collection, Tales …

In The Beginning, There Was Ape

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We’re getting ready to roll this thing off the blocks and take ‘er for a test drive, but we feel it’s only fair to warn you that Cheese Magnet is being constructed under the influence of Every Which Way But Loose. And Olympia Beer, natch.