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Okay, I know I just did the self-promotion thing last week, but I’m gonna do it again now. Awhile back, I was a staff writer on a kids’ TV series called Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, which aired on the CW Network. It’s a 40-episode story arc (I wrote 11 or 12 episodes — I can never remember for sure) and has crazy monster-fighting and some awesome Martial Arts combat — one of the episodes won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Stunt Coordination (and it was one I wrote, to boot). I bring it up because I recently learned that you can now watch all 40 episodes online at the CW4Kids website.

The show stars Matt Mullins, Stephen Lunsford, Yvonne Arias, William O’Leary, Mike Moh, Mark Dacascos and a bunch of other fine folks. Directors include Steve Wang (who directed a movie I wrote called Drive, which also starred Mark Dacascos), Mike Wang and John Fasano.

Watch Kamen Rider Dragon Knight @ CW4Kids

Trailer for the series:

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