Tales of Misery and Imagination.

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While we’re busy getting Cheese Magnet up and running, I figured I might as well take a moment to self-promote:

We Cheese Magnet writers are well-versed in the ways of ramen noodles, but sometimes we like to throw in a few Vienna Sausages. If you head over to Amazon.com and buy yourself a copy of my short story collection, Tales of Misery and Imagination, I can enjoy a can of tasty little meat products!

Thank you.

From the Amazon.com Product Description: A collection of short stories by Scott S. Phillips (author of Friday the 13th: Church of the Divine Psychopath and Unsafe On Any Screen), these Tales of Misery and Imagination leap forth from an untamed wilderness of pop culture, insecurity, lust, monsters and misadventure: a disillusioned man is tormented by not-so-random acts of vandalism, sideshow performers ponder their future, confidence is found in the strangest of insults, a shy teenage boy journeys into the undiscovered country of a car full of girls, an embittered boy-band veteran spills his secrets, a quest for Bigfoot goes awry, and heavy rains bring something toothier than flowers into bloom.

“With his goofball characters, ear for quirky dialogue, and always-colorful turns of phrase, Scott S. Phillips is like a modern beat writer — tempered with postmodern sensibilities and a generous dash of observational comedy… But that’s just an erudite, flashy way of saying that no one makes me laugh louder or harder than Scott S. Phillips.” – Brian Jay Jones, author of Washington Irving

“Scott’s narrative blasts and rattles down the road, chasing rabbits and stray chickens out of its path, while his dialogue sprays the countryside like full-automatic fire.” – Victor Milan, from his Introduction

“Triangulate funny, creepy and melancholy, and you’ll find Scott S. Phillips, waiting for a bus.” – Nathan Long, author of The Blackhearts Series

“Oddball, funny, poignant… all descriptions of stories from the delightfully twisted mind of Scott S. Phillips.” – Robert E. Vardeman, author of Burn the Sky

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