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Pulp Cover Friday Presents:  DIME MYSTERY DEUX

Welcome to our second installment of covers from the seminal shudder pulp DIME MYSTERY.

What have we learned so far about this pulp?

1.  Their covers are a little less zany than DIME DETECTIVE — but there are some to come that are pretty out there,  so stay tuned.

2.  The like coffins.

3.  The like women in red dresses.

4.  They like women in red dresses in coffins.

5.  With a few obvious exceptions, their cultists seem to shop at different supply stores than cultists we’ve encountered in the past.  Though there is the occasional scarlet-garbed fiend, most of the DIME MYSTERY cultists seem to prefer earth tones, perhaps the better to blend into their dank underground hideouts.

6.  The bad guys in these covers seem to eschew the gat, and prefer more visceral weapons, like the whip.

7.  Story titles compare favorably to those in DIME DETECTIVE for sheer outrageousness.

8.  I’ve got to get me an Arthur Leo Zagat collection.


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