Classic Rock Sunday – The Kinks

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We’re getting all Anglophile for the weekend, and who better for a mellow Sunday than The Kinks, who literally wrote the musical manifestation of sitting on the porch with a Pimm’s cup, Sunny Afternoon:

The Kinks were something of an anomaly; while most of the late 60’s and early 70’s rock scene was preoccupied with drugs and anti-establishment protest songs, The Kinks were unashamedly longing for a return to simpler times. Here the Village Green Preservation Society comes out in favor of little shops, virginity, Moriarty and Dracula:

The Kinks weren’t just about nostalgia though, let’s not forget they basically invented the garage rock sound that led to hard rock and heavy metal, all the way back in 1964:

It’s great to see Ray Davies is still going strong and people still love his music. Do you think in forty years Justin Bieber or Katy Perry will have a festival audience eating out of their hands like this?

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