Yesterville Toy Room

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I’m taking a break from some screenwriting stuff and spending too much time poring over an awesome website my buddy Don Adams told me about — Yesterville Toy Room.

The site is maintained by comics artist Brian Ashmore (Batman: Absolution) and I think he and I were separated at birth when it comes to the 1970s (and the toys we owned). Brian posts stunning photos of action figures and toys, along with scans of toy catalogs and whatnot. He also wrote a great post about a nostalgic trip back to his old elementary school under the guise of partaking of the school’s pancake breakfast.

Brian’s writing is excellent — if the guy can get me all misty-eyed over a Mego Fonzie figure then you know he’s good. Get on over to Yesterville and check out all the great stuff — it’s my new favorite website.

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