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Obligatory Apology Post


Sorry for the long silence.  Your humble Cheese Magnet correspondent has been working his fingers to the bone.  I’ve signed on with Green Ronin to do a number of blog posts on the Wild Card series (You know all about that, right?  The series, I mean.) and I had to get three months worth of posts done in three weeks.  I’m sure that I’ll mention this again, but, if not, look for them starting in June.

Also had a bunch of other stuff to do.  See the feature illo for a hint of another project I just finished.  I’m not being mysterious, just lazy.  I will fill you in later because I am hanging up the keyboard for two weeks to go on a well deserved vacation, like, tomorrow.

I’ll just mention one more thing, then say, “Adios muchachos.”

Much as I’ve enjoyed PULP COVER FRIDAY, I’m going to mothball it as a regular feature at least for awhile.  I figure I’ve put up about 500 pulp covers, and I think I’m running out of quality material.  Of course, if I get a brainstorm I’ll write it up.  And I always take requests.  (Well, reasonable requests.) I’m going to concentrate on books and movies and some music for awhile.  I was hoping to have a movie post up before I left, but it was not meant to be.

Think about this, though.  What was the best Blob movie of the 1950’s?  (That is, a movie where the ravening monster was some kind of slimy, amorphous blob.)  Nothing stopping you from discussing this among yourselves while I’m gone.

I’ll try not to break a leg this time.  See you in two.

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