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Pulp Cover Friday Presents: Another Ride on the Mystery Train

Your humble Cheese corrrespondent has been sick as a dog almost all week. A flu-y type thing came out of nowhere and barreled me over like a runaway freight train. However, it seems to have left almost as quickly as it hit. I staggered off to bed at 9:30 last night, but woke up at 1:00 a.m., if not 100% better, at least 80%. I felt well enough this morning to leave the house to forage for sustenance, ate most of my lunch, and am back at the computer trying to catch up for time lost. I didn’t have a chance to do a couple CM posts I wanted to get in this week, but I couldn’t miss Pulp Cover Friday.

So here we are with DIME MYSTERY, again. It’s now the 1940s, though, and things have changed somewhat. Women in peril are still a mainstay and they still have coffins and Egyptian iconography galore. But there’s also plenty of girls with gats (and knives) and a subtle shift to more frequent aggressive postures in the “weaker” sex. I’ve noticed this in other pulp titles around this date, and I wonder why that is. Any thoughts?

There’s still enough DM issues for another column, then I’ve got something line-up that you might find interesting: Lester Dent: His Other Heroes.

You’ve got one more day to get your bid in for the copy of THE MYSTERIANS I’m giving away. See my last column for details.


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