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Made it!  I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season on the run up to Christmas, and that your good fortune continues through-out the upcoming New Year.

More detective fun as we continue our look at DIME DETECTIVE.  Since I only made it through mid 1937 this time around, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of material for another Friday or so.

The names T.T. Flynn and Frederick C. Davis figure prominently and frequently on the covers.  I looked around a bit for info on these guys.  Not much is available, except for some not entirely informative snippets.  Flynn (1902-1978) was a prolific (obviously) writer in the mystery and western genres.  One source said that he wrote “countless” western and mystery stories and seven novels, but other sites list 22 books available by him, all westerns (of course, some could be story collections).  Frederick C. Davis also was obviously prolific.  Among his series was the Moon Man (why the “Moon Man,” I have no idea) a cop who led a double-life as a Robin Hood figure at night who stole from the rich (Maybe criminal?) and gave to the poor.

The more I see these covers, the more I wish I could get my hands on some of these ‘zines.  Not that I don’t have enough to read as it is.  But can we really actually have enough to read?

I’m presenting these covers without comment, but I can’t help saying that one of them depicts a scene of electrocution in an electric chair.  A pulp first?  Maybe.


For those of you still with me, here’s a chance to snap up a nice set of books, gratis.  As regular CHEESE MAGNET readers know, I pick up books by the late, great Roger Zelazny (when I can find them) at used book stores and give them away to fans who might not be familiar with his work, because all of you should be.  Recently I came across the the first five Avon paperbacks of his classic Amber series.  They’re in decent if not pristine condition.  I’m announcing the give-away here, unfortunately not in time to reach you for Christmas, but in time for a nice post-X-mas gift.  Let me know if you want them.  Christmas is Sunday.  I’ll accept requests through Monday, put them in a hat (or maybe a baseball xap, since that’s the only type of hat I own) and pick the lucky winner on Tuesday.  Good luck and Feliz Navidad and/or Happy Holiday of your choice.

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