Cool Actor of the Week: William Zabka

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Last week we featured possibly the greatest scumbag nerd sidekick of the ’80s, Curtis “Booger” Armstrong, so it was only natural that we followed it up with the greatest blond asshole of the ’80s, William Zabka.

Billy Zabka is of course most famous for his role as Johnny in 1984’s Karate Kid, where he was known for his epic leg sweep on Ralph Macchio. The following year he was the jock asshole in the classic gender switch comedy Just One of the Guys and in 1986 he completed the trifecta with Back To School.

Although he hasn’t been as ubiquitous as Curtis Armstrong, Zabka has also worked steadily through the years. Unlike Booger, he had a cameo in Hot Tub Time Machine. And a few years ago he appeared in the video for “Sweep the Leg” by the band No More Kings and finally got his revenge on that little shit Daniel-san:

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