Live-Tweet BLACK BELT JONES with us!

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In honor of ACE — the Albuquerque Comic Expo, happening June 24-26 at the Albuquerque Convention Center — me and Tanzi are gonna fire up the live-Tweeting apparatus once again, this time with the 1974 classic Black Belt Jones starring Jim Kelly, who will be appearing LIVE at ACE!

Black Belt Jones is on Netflix streaming, so if you can, fire it up and play along with us as we enjoy the ass-kicking goodness. Follow @ScottPhillipsNM and @CheeseMagnet on Twitter, and settle in at 9:00 PM PST Friday, June 17.

And don’t miss ACE — they’ve got a fantastic guest list and dealer’s room, and me and Tanzi will be on hand for the entire weekend. I’ll even be sitting in front of my brand new, ridiculously ostentatious banner, hawking books and whatnot.

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