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Last weekend’s Albuquerque Comic Expo was a fantastic event, the Cheese Magnet crew had a great time meeting fans and celebrities alike. One of my favorite things about conventions is seeing how so many celebrities are really kind, decent people. We had the honor of being stationed next to the great Jim Kelly and found him to be a really warm, friendly guy who took time to make the fans feel special. Ernie Hudson was happy to talk to all his fans about Ghostbusters, despite a long and varied career he doesn’t mind if you just think of him as Winston Zeddemore. Richard Hatch and Anne Lockhart were happy to talk Battlestar Galactica, Levar Burton and Marina Sirtis talked TNG with countless Trekkies. Nicholas Brendan, despite his douchey v-neck t-shirt and aviator sunglasses was down to earth and talked Buffy with all his fans. As friendly and accommodating as everyone was however, they were all assholes compared to Doug Jones.

Doug Jones is best known for his role as Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies, as well as playing the Silver Surfer and roles in Pan’s Labyrinth. But for anyone who’s seen him in action at a convention he’s simply the best hugger ever. Scott and I were in awe as we watched Doug connect with every single fan who stopped at his table. He doesn’t just hug you, he envelops you with his long spider arms, cradles your head and pulls you close like your parents did when you were a toddler. Despite what you may think, there was nothing at all creepy or pervy about this. Doug is such a genuine loving person that it all seems perfectly natural and you find yourself wondering why everyone can’t be like him.

I’ll admit I was intimidated by Doug’s outpouring of joy and comfort, I didn’t get a hug. But ScottP did, despite being even more touch-phobic than I. Scott had no choice but to submit to Doug’s loving embrace, he gave himself over willingly and in fact was hugged several more times over the weekend.

I realize I haven’t talked much about Doug’s career but really, this is all about his amazing hugging prowess. There’s even a Facebook page dedicated to the man and his hugs:

Hugged By An Angel – The Doug Jones Experience

If you see he’s making an appearance near you there’s no question about it, you must go see the man and get a hug. It will change your life.

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