Classic Rock Sunday – The Fleshtones

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All right, up front here I’m gonna admit that this is a band I know almost nothing about, aside from the one LP that I own, Hexbreaker! (1983) which I bought upon its initial release and still play today. But that record is a freaking monster and there’s no excuse on Earth as to why I don’t own more of their stuff.

The Fleshtones (led by ape-crazy frontman Peter Zaremba) play loud, nutso garage rock that is simply impossible to listen to without leaping around your house like a wild loon. I’m not even gonna bother to crib from the Wikipedia page for the band (you can see it right here) — I’m just gonna let the Super-Rock speak for itself. First up is Right Side of a Good Thing, a thumpin’, crashin’ nightmare of twang and howling vocals. CRANK UP THE VOLUME and enjoy:

Now dig on Zaremba’s shrieking delivery on Screamin’ Skull — I wanna punch things and run around the yard whenever I hear this one:

Then we’ll wrap it up with this live clip of the boys doing Roman Gods:

To conclude, I quote from the liner notes on Hexbreaker: “Although a lot of things have been said about the FLESHTONES, you’ll agree that their new hexbreaking record album renders all praise not only superfluous, but unnecessary.

Visit The Fleshtones Hall of Fame!

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