Squirrel Eyes now in paperback!

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I’ve posted about my new novel Squirrel Eyes before, but the paperback edition has just become available — so if you’ve been holding out for the dead tree version, now you can order it! Just visit the Squirrel Eyes CreateSpace store (powered by Amazon) and order your copy today!

Awhile back I posted the first chapter here on Cheese Magnet, and you can read that right here. Meanwhile, here are a couple things folks have said about the book, along with the back cover copy and links to the Kindle, iPad, Nook and ePub versions. Thanks!

“If you somehow cloned the perfect science bastard love-child of Cameron Crowe, J.D. Salinger and The Kinks, it couldn’t build a better story of underdog charm than Squirrel Eyes. Scott S. Phillips creates fascinating and endearing characters, then drops them in the hot zone of their own mangled lives, with nothing but their wits and pop culture to protect themselves.” – Axel Howerton, editor, Dark Moon Digest, author of Hot Sinatra

Squirrel Eyes is a crazy journey through Scott S. Phillips’ twisted, pop culture cluttered mind. He touches on universal emotions in this insightful, often laugh-out-loud journey through protagonist Alvin Bandy’s – and the reader’s – most denied memories of love lost.” – Robert E. Vardeman, author of Burn the Sky

“The F**ker can write!” – Elwood Reid, author of D.B. and If I Don’t Six

I am the Golem built from the mud of Hollywood. My brain processes life at 24 frames per second; my heart pumps sticky concession-stand muck through veins of curled celluloid. And maybe like the Golem of legend, I too am a soulless creature, animated only by the thousands of hours of pop-culture imagery funneled into my body over the course of a lifetime.

Squirrel Eyes is the story of Alvin Bandy, lifelong movie junkie and would-be filmmaker, who finds himself alone in Hollywood after his girlfriend Alison sends him packing in favor of another man. With his career – if you can call it that, when it consists of one incredibly bad movie he wrote – on the rocks, Alvin hatches a drunken plan to course-correct his screwed-up life: he travels to his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico to seek out his first girlfriend, Kelli, and do what he never did before: have sex with her. Kelli, however, won’t be had so easily, and lays down a challenge to Alvin that could either be his undoing or his salvation…

Funny, dark, raunchy and sentimental, Squirrel Eyes is a novel about the strength of dreams, the depths of lust, the power of guilt and above all, the glory of cinema and the hold it has on us all.

Squirrel Eyes is available in the following formats:

For Kindle
For Nook
For iPad

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