Classic Rock Sunday: The Midnight Special

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Instead of an artist this week we’re going to present some clips from The Midnight Special, the show that brought us some great live performances from acts of all genres during the 70’s.

Here’s Rick Derringer (looking kind of like Rick Dees) along with Edgar Winter, rokcing out with Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo:

How about some Cheap Trick at the height of their power?

Here’s ELO with Do Ya. This may have been the only time Jeff Lynne was seen in public without sunglasses:

The Midnight Special had great acts every week but there was one frequent guest that every guy eagerly looked for when the TV Guide came out: Blondie.

You can buy a pretty good set of The Midnight Special DVDs, I’ve seen it on an infomercial and it’s available online, not to mention all the great videos on YouTube.

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