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All right, admittedly there’s not a whole lot to say about Faster Pussycat — they were formed in 1986 by lead singer Taime Downe and guitarists Greg Steele and Brent Muscat, adding bassist Eric Stacy and drummer Mark Michals to the lineup before their debut album (the self-titled Faster Pussycat) was recorded. They broke up in 1993 after releasing only three albums (the other two being 1989’s Wake Me When It’s Over and 1992’s Whipped!), but they managed to produce some kick-ass metal in that time.

I got on board quick when I saw the video for “Don’t Change That Song,” which is not only a great track but includes footage from Russ Meyer’s Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! I’m slightly embarrassed to admit I thought Brent Muscat was a cute chick the first time I saw this:

Here’s another bruiser from Faster Pussycat, “Bathroom Wall,” which sings the praises of restroom romance (and ends with a great lyric):

This next one is also from Faster Pussycat — “Ship Rolls In” is what I’d call the album’s uplifting number. This is kind of a bogus video clip but I challenge you not to caper wildly around the room as this song wails:

“House of Pain,” the obligatory power ballad from Wake Me When It’s Over, was the band’s biggest hit, topping out at #28.

Although Faster Pussycat called it quits in 1993, Downe reformed the group in 2001 with original members Muscat and Steele, along with guitarist Xristian Simon, bass player Danny Nordahl and drummer Chad Stewart. However, Downe turned the band into an industrial rocker instead of giving the fans the good-time metal they wanted, and the reception apparently wasn’t so warm. Muscat left the band due to illness, and a dispute over use of the name followed soon afterwards. Downe’s version of Faster Pussycat continued to tour at least through 2008 (including a stop where Downe railed against Muscat, wishing death on his former bandmate). Muscat is currently playing with his own band, Sin City Sinners.

As metal acts of that era go, Faster Pussycat might not have had the chops of a Motley Crue (and I don’t say that ironically, by the way) but their albums are definitely worth having in your collection.

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