Tenpole Tudor

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Tenpole Tudor were a group of British morons that somehow managed to form a sort of punk band back in the 70’s. I say sort of punk because while they held to the punk ethos of not having any actual talent, they weren’t really angry or political. All of their songs were basically drunken shout-alongs with catchy choruses, big hooks and foot stomping beats. Perfect for a rowdy night at the pub after a football match.

Lead singer Eddie Tudor (real name Eddie Tudorpole!) looks like Robert Pattinson’s brain damaged brother in this clip of probably their most well known song, Wunderbar:

Swords of a Thousand Men is undoubtedly the Tenpole’s finest moment. The epic video is, in the words of one YouTube commenter, “well hard”:

Hoorah Hoorah Hoorah Yay!

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