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Ordinarily, we go with actors who have long, established careers for our Cool Actor picks, but this time around we’re going with an up-and-comer — the lovely Dawn Olivieri.

While she had appeared on Veronica Mars, Las Vegas, and How I Met Your Mother, I first saw Dawn in my buddy Jeff Burr’s movie Devil’s Den (2006), where she played a rather problematic stripper. After that, she played the lead in our fellow Cheese Magneteer Don Adams’ movie, Dozers.

Since, then, Dawn has exploded — she was cast in a recurring role as “Lydia” on Heroes, then leapt from that to True Blood, Rules of Engagement, The Vampire Diaries, and she also does the voice of Pepper Potts on The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. She’ll be appearing soon (alongside Katee Sackhoff) in Growl.

Aside from being terrifically easy on the eyes, Dawn is a very talented actress — and from what Don tells us, she’s incredibly sweet as well. We here at Cheese Magnet wish Dawn continued luck and success!

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