Tales of Misery & Imagination – Now on your iPad!

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I just got word that my book Tales of Misery and Imagination is now available for the iPad in the iBookstore — there’s no way to link to it, so if you’re interested (and I certainly hope you are), you’ll have to search for it.

Of course, you can still get Tales in paperback and for the Kindle. Here’s the lowdown on the contents:

A collection of short stories by Scott S. Phillips (author of Friday the 13th: Church of the Divine Psychopath and Unsafe On Any Screen), these Tales of Misery and Imagination leap forth from an untamed wilderness of pop culture, insecurity, lust, monsters and misadventure: a disillusioned man is tormented by not-so-random acts of vandalism, sideshow performers ponder their future, confidence is found in the strangest of insults, a shy teenage boy journeys into the undiscovered country of a car full of girls, an embittered boy-band veteran spills his secrets, a quest for Bigfoot goes awry, and heavy rains bring something toothier than flowers into bloom.

Axel Howerton (author of the upcoming novel Hot Sinatra and whose work can be found soon in the anthology Career Guide For Your Job In Hell) says Tales of Misery and Imagination is “like a Friday night cruise through the Twilight Zone in a ’72 Roadrunner.”

Tales of Misery and Imagination for Kindle
Tales of Misery and Imagination in Paperback

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