Star Trek Fan Art

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When Bjo Trimble’s Star Trek Concordance was published in 1976, I spent hours going over every page of that book. One of my favorite things was the fan art — and trust me, I’m not being ironic or poking fun. I really loved seeing the drawings that Trek fans had done.

With Bubonicon coming up this weekend (come see me, Peter David, Ian Tregillis, Melinda Snodgrass and Craig Butler Friday night at 9:30, as we discuss writing original screenplays!), I’ve been feeling a sort of misty-eyed nostalgia for my early encounters with fandom. That got me to thinking about the Concordance, and that led to Googling “Star Trek fan art” to see what’s out there on the big ol’ Internet. I’m posting a few pieces here.

(And artists, I don’t intend any infringement — I just grabbed these without tracking down creators. If you’re responsible for something I’ve posted here, I’ll be happy to either add proper credit or remove the art if you’d prefer — just let me know).

And for you slash fans…

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