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Vigilante Force (1976)

Even though I lived through it (and saw a lot of the movies), it’s still hard to believe there was a time when Jan-Michael Vincent was one of the biggest movie stars around. When I was nine, my parents and I were camping ...
by Scott


“Nothing But The Rain” – We Revisit Battlestar Galactica

Scott here: We’re doing something a little different here at Cheese Magnet with this post — I was a loyal viewer of the new Battlestar Galactica from the beginning, but Tanzi came in late to the game (after the seri...
by Scott


Cool Actor of the Week – Richard Boone

This post is gonna be almost as much “Cool Show of the Week” as it is Cool Actor, because I’ve recently gotten hooked by Have Gun – Will Travel, and that led me to make its star Richard Boone the Cool Ac...
by Scott



Mr. Hercules Against Karate (1973)

I must admit, I went into this one with reasonably high hopes — an Italian Kung Fu movie directed by Antonio Margheriti (aka Anthony M. Dawson, director of Cannibal Apocalypse)? Unfortunately, those hopes faded fast. As M...
by Scott


Cool Actor of the Week – Clint Walker

Our pick for Cool Actor of the Week this time around is one of the biggest, manliest dudes ever to stalk across the TV screen — Norman Eugene “Clint” Walker. Born in Hartford Illinois, Walker worked in a facto...
by Scott



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