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The Shape of Things to Come (1979)

I’m constantly amazed at the way a lot of science fiction movies made in the few years after Star Wars (1977) somehow manage to come off like they were made 20 years earlier. Sure, the special effects were usually a littl...
by Scott


She (1982)

In the wake of John Milius’ Conan the Barbarian and George Miller’s The Road Warrior (a.k.a. Mad Max II), the 1980s were a rich period for craptastic sword & sorcery and post-apocalyptic movies. Occasionally som...
by Scott


California Casanova (1991)

It’s not often I see a movie that makes me wanna kill myself — well, other than Titanic — but California Casanova had me fondling the noose. This flick is like a four-foot-tall layer cake of crap slathered wit...
by Scott



Little Cigars (1973)

Little Cigars might be one of the more awful titles I’ve heard (it sounds like what you’d shovel out of the cat box), but the movie itself is pretty entertaining. I went into this one blind, knowing only that it fea...
by Scott


Dagmar’s Hot Pants Inc. (1971)

What could be wilder than spending a Saturday afternoon with a Swedish sexploitation movie, right? Well, after watching Dagmar’s Hot Pants Inc. (a.k.a. Dagmar and Co. and Dagmar’s Heta Troser), I’d say mowing ...
by Scott


Give ‘Em Hell Malone (2009)

I have to admit I’ve never been much of a fan of the films of Russell Mulcahy — the only one I like is Razorback (1984), Mulcahy’s Australian man-eating pig movie starring Gregory Harrison, and I like that one...
by Scott



The Peacekillers (1971)

While I don’t consider myself an expert on the genre, I’ve certainly seen a lot of biker movies in my day — yet somehow I had never even heard of The Peacekillers until recently. This oddball chopper opera ope...
by Scott




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