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Vigilante Force (1976)

Even though I lived through it (and saw a lot of the movies), it’s still hard to believe there was a time when Jan-Michael Vincent was one of the biggest movie stars around. When I was nine, my parents and I were camping ...
by Scott

Rat Patrol art

Blasts from the Past: “The Rat Patrol”

Two-fisted pedal-to-the-metal World War II action that stirred the blood of a whole generation of boys. In Color.
by ScottD


Cool Actor of the Week – Richard Boone

This post is gonna be almost as much “Cool Show of the Week” as it is Cool Actor, because I’ve recently gotten hooked by Have Gun – Will Travel, and that led me to make its star Richard Boone the Cool Ac...
by Scott



Revisiting Firefly, Episode 3: “Bushwhacked”

Wherein our heroes discuss Reavers vs Klingons, the unstoppable Western-ness of the series even when an attempt is made to hide it from the network, and that whole area where Zoe's legs meet her back.
by Scott


“Nothing But The Rain” – We Revisit Battlestar Galactica

Scott here: We’re doing something a little different here at Cheese Magnet with this post — I was a loyal viewer of the new Battlestar Galactica from the beginning, but Tanzi came in late to the game (after the seri...
by Scott



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