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Recently back from World Con in Reno, and Bubonicon is rushing up at me already. No need for me to repeat the info that fellow Cheese Magneteer Scott Phillips has already supplied. Suffice it to say that I hope I’ll see manyof you over the weekend.

We had a good time at World Con. The dealer room had (too) many nice books. I picked up a few.

I also met a couple of nice publishers and I have several products to plug, but most of these announcements will need a scanner to produce and, alas, my scanner quietly passed away in its sleep when I was at Reno. At least it went quickly and without pain. Hoping to get a new printer next week.

In the meantime, to whet your curiosity. Remember those great Paul covers I put up a few weeks ago? Well, Shasta Phoenix, published by first fandom member Erle Korshak, whom I had the great pleasure of meeting in Reno, has produced an art book called FROM THE PEN OF PAUL collecting most, if not all, of his zine covers. Here’s a cover shot of one of the editions. Go to for more info on the various editions (The ultimate deluxe has the extremely scarce Sir Arthur C. Clarke signature!). I’ll include more directions on ordering as well as descriptions of the various editions in my next post (probably before Friday).

In even better news, Shasta is producing the first book devoted to Margaret Brundage’s art, including ALL of her magazine covers! It’s due out in a couple of months. I already sent Erle my money, and you probably should, too. I couldn’t find the info on the Brundage book on the website (check it out yourself — I may have missed it), but once I get the new scanner will post ordering info and some pics.

Also, info on more great books, including a fabulous collection of the incomparable Lee Brown Coye from Centipede Press.

Until then, see you at Bubonicon!

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