Classic Rock Sunday: AC/DC

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The Young brothers, George, Malcom and Angus, were all born in Scotland and emigrated to Australia with their family. George was the first to join a band, he was a key member of the Easybeats and later Flash and the Pan and many other one-off bands that served as vehicles for George and fellow Easybeat Harry Vanda. Malcolm and Angus, inspired by George’s success, started a band of their own. It wasn’t long before they added fellow Scottish-Aussie Bon Scott and became AC/DC, the greatest rock and roll band of all time.

Here they are in an early appearance on Australian TV. I think Bon and Angus make a cute couple:

And finally, this might be the most mind blowing thing I’ve ever seen. I always assumed Bon Scott appeared out of nowhere, a fully formed rock god. I certainly never imagined he was the singer/flautist for a folk rock outfit named Fraternity but here he is with a scraggly hippie beard getting all flutey:

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