Star Magazine, 1973

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Star may look, feel, smell, even taste like a magazine. But it isn’t! It really isn’t! Star is a 76-page bulletin board of what’s going down for ladies with style, ladies with warm hearts, ladies with the magic to make it all happen — the Foxy Ladies of 1973!

So begins the introduction to the first issue of Star Magazine, a little-known teenybopper mag that lasted a mere five issues in 1973. I had never heard of it, but Tanzi stumbled across Ryan Richardson’s website devoted to the mag, which includes scans of all five issues and an interface that allows you to flip through the pages and read all about what was going down for the Foxy Ladies of 1973.

According to Ryan, the magazine died a quiet death after drawing the ire of “concerned citizens” who weren’t happy about Star‘s focus on the Sunset Strip groupie scene, including coverage of actual groupies Shray Mecham (the 15-year-old on the cover above), Sable Starr, Lori Lightning, and Queenie Glam. Star also delivered coverage of the fabled rock club Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco (a hotbed of groupie activity, featured in George Hickenlooper’s excellent documentary about Bingenheimer, Mayor of the Sunset Strip and The Runaways) alongside articles on glam rockers like Marc Bolan, Alice Cooper and David Bowie.

The review columns in Star are terrific snapshots of the time, featuring movies like Blacula, Brother Sun, Sister Moon, and The Legend of Boggy Creek, and albums including Marjoe Gortner’s debut (he “manages to catch you up in his trip from the very beginning”) and Yoko Ono’s Almost Infinite Universe (“Yoko, honey, this reviewer wishes you’d stick to peace marches and bed-ins”). And when it comes to lifestyle advice, Star is where it’s at — just check out some of the awesome articles: “How High Is Your Foxy I.Q.,” “Your Very Own Superfox (How You’ll Know It’s Him),” and “The Evil She Fox – Will She Ruin Your Life?”

Star is an incredibly groovy time-capsule of the glam era and even with all the advice on sex, going braless, and dating more than one guy at a time, seems incredibly innocent compared to today. Thanks for taking the time to scan and post the mags, Ryan — we here at Cheese Magnet salute you!

Star Magazine 1973, courtesy of Ryan Richardson

And while we’re on the subject, here’s the trailer for Mayor of the Sunset Strip:

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