Crypto-Creature of the Week: The Dover Demon

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I tend to have a tough time sleeping, and when I’m lying there in the dark, in the middle of the night, and I hear noises outside — and believe me, where we live, we hear lots of noises outside at night — I always think about this week’s Crypto-Creature, the Dover Demon.

This little guy was first spotted in Dover, Massachusetts on April 21, 1977, while three teenagers were driving at night and caught the beast in the headlights. Later that same night, the Demon was spotted by another teenager, who mistook the creature for a short friend, chasing it when it fled. Incredibly, the creature was seen again the following evening.

The Dover Demon (as it was called by famed Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, who investigated the sightings) is described as being about 4 feet tall with a large head, glowing orange eyes, and long, thin arms and legs. It apparently makes a godawful shrieking noise, so if you hear that, get to walkin’.

Some UFOlogists believe that the Dover Demon is not a cryptid beast at all, but was in fact, an alien Grey. The descriptions are certainly similar — especially since witnesses say the Demon had no ears, mouth or visible sex organs, all of which have been said about the Greys. As usual, however, the “experts” say it was just misidentification and that the Dover Demon was nothing more than a baby moose.

All I know is, there ain’t no baby mooselings scratchin’ around our house at night.

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